The sport of Fencing is an elegant, unique and fun sport that has life-long benefits. Fencing is suitable for all ages and is excellent for developing physical and mental skills that can be applied in everyday life. Fencing allows children to reach and realize their full potential in sport, school and social settings. Fencing can provide unique opportunities such as developing new friendships, participating in tournaments, traveling to different states and countries, and most importantly an opportunity to get accepted to top universities.

  • Develop and maintain a healthy body.
  • Increase mental strength, focus and concentration.
  • Improve stamina, flexibility, coordination speed and reflexes.
  • Develop strong strategic thinking with an ability to make quick and decisive choices.
  • Develop good sportsmanship.
  • Promote self-confidence and self-discipline.
  • Acquire healthy competitive spirit.
  • Create new friendships.
  • Get accepted to top universities.

While Fencing requires use of a metal crafted weapon (There are 3 types of weapons in fencing: Foil, Epee and Saber), the sport of Fencing is an exceptionally safe sport. Fencers, in comparison to other Olympic Sports, suffer less injuries than athletes participating in other sports: “In relation to the number of registered athletes, the risk of incurring an injury was highest in soccer, taekwondo, hockey, handball, weightlifting, and boxing (all ≥15% of the athletes) and lowest for sailing, canoeing/kayaking, rowing, synchronized swimming, diving, fencing, and swimming”. - The American Journal of Sports Medicine . ALLE FENCING CLUB specializes in Saber.

Males: T-shirt, sport pants (no shorts), comfortable tennis shoes.
Females: T-shirt, sports or yoga pants, comfortable tennis shoes.

ALLE FENCING CLUB provides all necessary equipment to participate in the beginner program classes. Students that participate in competitive Fencing require to have their own fencing gear and equipment (including those form the beginner programs).

  • Mask.
  • 2 working sabers.
  • Jacket.
  • Underarm protector.
  • Chest protector (mandatory for girls).
  • Lamé.
  • Fencing pants (Knickers).
  • Glove.
  • Fencing shoes or comfortable sneakers.
  • Long socks (must reach knees).
  • 2 working body cords.
  • 2 working mask cords.
  • Fencing equipment bag.
Mo – Fr: 3 PM – 9 PM (EST)
Sa: 9 AM – 2 PM (EST)